How to Evict My Daughter?


To evict you daughter, give her a notice that she must vacate the property or cure the default and other responsibilities. File a complaint with the local state court for unlawful detainer if the past rent is not paid or the breach is not cured. Attend the hearing on the complaint at the time and date set by the court and provide evidence that she has not been meeting up to her responsibilities or not paying rent. You can go ahead and ask the police to forcibly remove your daughter if she does not leave on her own.
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1. Contact the landlord or rental agency that filed for a court-ordered eviction. If there is an outstanding balance, you will need to make arrangements to have it paid in full. The
Well just pull her to the side and talk to her,by her hair. If she is of legal age and wont leave willingly you can call the police to have her removed.
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