How does one express a problem in simplest radical form?


If a person wants to express a problem in simplest radical form, he or she would use a ?. For example if the problem is 2x2x5 the answer is 2?5. It is because 2 is repeated two times in the equation.
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√25 + 5√4 + 5√5. notice that 25 and 4 are perfect squares because their square roots are integers. 5 + (5)(2) + 5√5. 5 + 10 + 5√5. 15 + 5√5.
when there is no radical in the denominator.
1. Compare the radical expressions to see if they represent the same root. For example, √5 and √8 are both square roots. If either expression had a superscript number
You find the simplest form of a radical through taking it's square
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Expressing in simplest radical form means reducing the number until there are no more square roots, cube roots, or 4th roots left to find, including the denominator if there is a fraction.
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