How to Express Your Feelings to a Guy?


To express feelings to a guy, the girl must just tell them. Many girls think that a guy can read their minds, but they cannot and they don't pick up on signals very well either.
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1. The first step you need to do is to name the feelings. It is a thing that will teach him or her what a particular feeling is. Frustration, anger and joy are the most common feelings
You can express your feelings to a close friend or close relative, you could write poems on how you feel, write short stories, whatever you do you have to get it all out cuz when
1 You should call your man and start talking with him. It doesn't matter what you talk about with your man, just make sure that the conversation eventually moves towards what you
Everyone loves a good compliment-even guys. And the key to a good compliment is making it stick. With the help of two doctors (both relationship experts, not, like, two veterinarians
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How to Express Your Feelings to a Guy
You like a guy. What's the best way to express your feelings to him? Letting a guy know you like them can be awkward---especially if he does not feel the same about you. However, odds are in your favor as long as you make your feelings known. Stay true... More »
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