How to Extend Unemployment Benefits in NJ?


When extending unemployment benefits in NJ or New Jersey, see the unemployment office personnel to help start this process. You will have to re-certify for a set number of weeks in benefits.
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1. Identify your base period, which is the first four of the last five full calendar quarters before you filed your initial unemployment claim. 2. Identify the wages you earned during
Call your local unemployment office and find out. Make sure you actually qualify.
Calculating unemployment benefits is pretty easy. You will receive 4% of the total wages during your highest earning quarter, looking back a number of years. The maximum benefit is
The U.S. Congress has approved, and President Obama has signed, a
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United States workers who are out of work due to no fault of their own are eligible for unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks. When the unemployment rate is high, benefits may be paid for additional weeks... More »
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I live in NJ and have collected unemployment benefits before, so I can answer that for you. Right now, you have to have worked at least 20 base weeks or have made ...
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