How to Extract Gold from Circuit Boards?


There are a few different methods that you an use to extract gold from circuit boards. There are many steps involved in this process and it does require a few special tools. The process to remove the gold from the circuit board is done with an hot cyanide solution. This solution is allowed to stand until the gold settles to the bottom. Another method requires burning the chips and and finding the gold in the fine powder.
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How to Extract Gold From Circuit Boards
The majority of circuit boards on computers contain gold coating because it helps to promote the conduction of electrical current. Though a single computer does not contain a vast amount of gold, if you make it your goal to extract the gold from hundreds... More »
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1. Get a collection of circuit boards. To get these boards, contact friends and family members and let them know you can use the old computers they no longer need. 2. Remove each
grind up the circuit board and melt the board. it will stink so go outside.
There is less to none gold in a circuit board because the gold plates are very
I don't think you would get more than about $5 per pound, if even that much. There is just a small fraction of a dollar's worth of gold on each board and someone has to spend the
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1. Take your circuit boards and using tweezers and small pics, strip all the metal from the ceramic board. The metal will contain gold, silver and copper in mixed ...
1. Put on rubber gloves and eye goggles. Combine one jar of CBX circuit board stripping powder with water in a large, deep container to prepare 1 gallon of solution ...
1. The gold fingers on the edge of the boards contain most of the recoverable gold. Remove the cover from the computer and remove all of the circuit boards, including ...
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