How to Extract Hydrocodone?


Hydrocodone should not be extracted. It is very strong and could cause harm. Opiates are soluble in water. A person could put the vicodin in very cold water and the acetaminophen will dissolve.
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you can do a "cwe" which is known as a cold water extract. first take your hydrocodone how ever many milligrams you want to do{beginners start small}crush them to a fine
Hydrocodone goes under many names, and is a narcotic. Used properly, it and Acetaminophen are primarly used for pain. I can't tell you how to do what you're asking. If you do it it's
The amount of codeine in hydrocodone is a weak form and won't give you a
21 Feb 2010 You're in the wrong forum, go someplace else and ask your question..Good luck..Dave
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Though this is something I would not recommend, extracting hydrocodone can be extracted from vicodin by doing a cold water extraction. Simply dissolve the pill ...
Cold-water extraction is a recommended method of extracting hydrocodone acetaminophen. This method is achieved by simply filtering a chilled solution of crushed ...
Ask a junkie. They usually hang out on street corners. ...
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