How to Extract Hydrogen from Water?


The hydrogen is removed from a water molecule by sending electrical currents through the water. This process is known as electrolysis. You can find more information here:
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There are both practical and impractical ways of extracting hydrogen from water molecules. One is mentioned above-the reaction between a very active metal such as sodium with water.
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1 Place the water solution in a wide-mouthed jar or bowl. 2 Leave the solution out and uncovered for a few days, especially in areas of dry (low humidity) heat. The water will eventually
Air does not normally contain free hydrogen (H2) The only component of air that contains any hydrogen is water vapor, and it is easier to get H2 out of water in its liquid form using
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How Is Hydrogen Extracted From Water?
The simple water molecule, H2O, also written HOH, consists of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms united into one molecule. Technically, even though it is neutral, with a pH of 7.0, it can be viewed as both an acid and a base. React water with... More »
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