How to Face an Interview?


A job interview creates a lot of nervousness especially if you are not well prepared. To be prepared for an interview you should plan to arrive 10 minutes early before the interview starts, greet the interviewer by his or her last name, allow the interviewers to lead the conversation, stress on your achievements, be enthusiastic during the interview, and always carry an extra copy of the CV. Finally try to explain your answers avoid Yes, No answers. Thank the interviewers for taking their time to interview you.
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1. Prepare for the interview days or weeks in advance. Knowing you are prepared allows you to relax and be yourself. Visit professional networking sites to read biographical information
1. Understand the importance of first phase. The first phase is generally a personal introduction phase and this is the phase where most candidates get eliminated due to lack of proper
You have 3 hours to build a game of "battleship", and give a presentation of it (both the game, and the code) to the rest of the team. Extra nice features: online play,
To get to know who you are - in essence - who it is that they might be employing! You can't hide from them so they know who you are.
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When facing an interview you need to be calm and make eye contact. You also need to ensure that your body language is not saying a different thing from you and make sure you answer the questions calmly and as precisely as possible.
Any interview is always a learning experience. You need to sell yourself to your interviewer. Research information about the company so you can say in detail how you can be an asset to them. State your skills clearly and make them useful to the company. Ask your interviewer questions about your position and the company itself.
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