How do you do vampire face paint?


To paint a face vampire you need to dust powder puff on your face first. You then line your eyes with a black, dark brown/grey eyeliner and apply lipstick to your lips for that dramatic look. To have some fake blood on your lips or dripping down your chin slightly, you use a mixture of corn syrup with red food colouring.
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1. Squirt a quarter-size dollop of white paint on the plate. Add a small amount of black paint, about the size of a drop of water, to the white. Mix with a toothpick until thoroughly
1 Purchase the right face paint. Having the right face paint should be your first consideration. Keeping an eye on safety, variety, and quality will help you paint the face of your
1. Use a sponge to apply the bright green face paint to your child's face. Be sure to cover her whole face and blend the color in well. 2. Use the darker shade of green to add shadows
1. Gather reference on Boondox's makeup design. Many images are easily found online. 2. Draw the outline of the eyes, nose and mouth on your face with a black makeup pencil. If you
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How to Paint a Vampire Face
Vampire lore has fascinated people throughout history. Stories have been written, tales have been told and movies have been made about these ghastly, tormented creatures of the night. Modern-day teens cannot seem to stay away from this subject. And now... More »
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To face paint a vampire, begin by applying white makeup to the whole face including the lips. Use purple or blue makeup to highlight around the eyes, jawlines, forehead, temples and the nose. Create a widow's peak with a black makeup and small paintbrush. Draw bushy eyebrows. With a small paintbrush and red makeup, draw the vampire's lips and use white makeup for the fangs.
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