How to Face Paint Frankenstein?


Painting yourself to look like Frankenstein will require green paint, black eyeliner and hair gel. Spray you hair black and slick it down with gel: paint your face green and add scars and stitch marks with black eyeliner. You can place a cardboard around your head to get a big, flat forehead.
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1. Mix some green and white face paint together so you get a light, sickly green color. Apply this color to your face, covering your cheeks, chin, forehead, temples and nose, working
1. Buy the items in the "Things You'll Need" section. Ad. 2. Spread the green paint over your face and neck following the directions on the packet. 3. Mix the purple and
Well, Frankenstein's monster's face is actually described as an unhealthy gray color in the book. In order to make the first movie they had to paint the actor green to make the appearance
1. Gather makeup, face paint or markers for the prank. You can choose a variety of colors if desired. Be sure to use products that require light pressure to apply, as too much pressure
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How to Face Paint a Frankenstein
Over the years, Frankenstein has proven to be a classic choice for a Halloween costume. With his freakish green skin and a face full of scars, he makes an excellent choice if you want a ghoulish get-up. Frankenstein masks are available, but they are... More »
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