How do I face paint Frankenstein's monster?


Painting yourself to look like Frankenstein will require green paint, black eyeliner and hair gel. Spray you hair black and slick it down with gel: paint your face green and add scars and stitch marks with black eyeliner. You can place a cardboard around your head to get a big, flat forehead.
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1. Mix some green and white face paint together so you get a light, sickly green color. Apply this color to your face, covering your cheeks, chin, forehead, temples and nose, working
1 Buy the items in the "Things You'll Need" section. Ad 2 Spread the green paint over your face and neck following the directions on the packet. 3 Mix the purple and black
1. Gather makeup, face paint or markers for the prank. You can choose a variety of colors if desired. Be sure to use products that require light pressure to apply, as too much pressure
1. Load a sponge by dipping the edge of the sponge in water and rotating the sponge in a water-based face paint color of your choice. Place the stencil on the face on which you painting
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How to Face Paint a Frankenstein
Over the years, Frankenstein has proven to be a classic choice for a Halloween costume. With his freakish green skin and a face full of scars, he makes an excellent choice if you want a ghoulish get-up. Frankenstein masks are available, but they are... More »
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