How do you fake pink eye?


To fake pink eye just get any kind of hair gel or something clear. Also get some pink lipstick or eyeliner or something not sparkly. Then rub the gel up close to your eyelid and on the bottom of your eyelid close to your eye.
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How long is pink eye contagious? Depending on how bad the infection is, pink eye can be contagious anywhere from a few days to a week. The viral form of pink eye is contagious for
Rub your eye with your hand till it becomes irritated and red. When they ask if you woke up with a crusty eye say yes. These are the symptoms of pink eye: wake with crusty in morning
1. Contact your doctor. He can help you determine the cause of your infection, as well as the best course of treatment, which can vary depending on the cause of pink eye. 2. Rinse
You can rub an irritant, such as soap or saltwater in your eye, turning it pink to look
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It is not a good thing to fake pink eye. When you have pink eye, your eye is really itchy. It becomes really red and sometimes you will get mucus that comes out of it.
To fake Pink Eye (or Conjunctivitis) would be very simple. Because Pink Eye is a bacterial eye infection consisting of burning, bloodshot, watery eyes, then rubbing them agressively would mimic the symptoms temporarily. But be sure to wash your hands well beforehand because you just might end up with the real thing!
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