How do you fatten up your dog?


According to The Daily Puppy, feeding an underweight dog four meals a day approximately every six hours helps fatten up the dog. Underweight dogs may have pre-existing medical conditions, such as parasites, so a visit to the vet is necessary.

Adding a high-quality puppy chow to the dog's food helps promote steady weight gain as does adding a couple of spoonfuls of carbohydrates, such as rice. While the incorporation of puppy food and carbohydrates helps increase the dog's caloric intake, altering the diet too much is not healthy. New foods that are not gradually introduced into the dog's diet may contribute to diarrhea and vomiting leading to even more weight loss.

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1. Add warm water to your dog's dry food if it has difficulty chewing. This will soften the food enough that the dog will be able to eat more. 2. Offer canned dog food or raw dog
Kibbles and bits.
In terms of dog food, the most fattening food is a 13.2 ounce can of Canine
definately chef michaels brand dog food! Highly recommended! I had the same dog once and re wouldnt eat nothing i went to pets mart and they told me about it and it worked = either
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How Can I Fatten Up My Dog?
Some dogs are naturally skinny; it's part of their gene makeup. However, other dogs are skinny due to lack of nutrients in their food or because they are not consuming enough. Your dog's weight, or lack thereof, comes primarily from the food it eats. If... More »
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