What kind of food should a 6-week-old Lab puppy eat?


Labrador puppies that are at least 6 weeks of age can eat puppy food formulations created for large breed dogs. Lab puppies are also able to eat adult dog food as long as it contains up to 25 percent protein. For specific information about dog food brands for Labrador puppies consult a breeder, pet store or veterinarian.

Labrador puppies are rambunctious and active. All this activity means that they are voracious eaters. Lab puppies have been known to continuously visit their food bowl and gobble up its contents. Owners of Labrador pups should be cautious about how much food is made available during the day.

To avoid overeating problems in this breed owners should stick to a regular feeding schedule. While it may be tempting to give the puppy extra food and treats, this overindulgence can lead to obesity. It is important to follow the recommended feeding portions for Lab puppies. Normally, puppies will eat several small meals during the day. Each meal should be at least three hours apart to give the young dog's stomach time to properly digest food.

Lab puppies required a well balanced diet that provides them with essential nutrients and vitamins. Look for puppy food that meets the nutritional needs of this popular breed.

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1. Begin feeding your Labrador puppy kibble when it reaches 6 weeks old. Purchase puppy kibble, which is made up of smaller pieces of food for easy digestion, at a pet supply store
Puppies need to eat a lot-and not too much. You should be able to feel but not see their ribs, and they should have a visible waist when you look down at them. This is true for puppies
i got mine at i think 7 in a half weeks and it eats the puppy food but i had to introduce it to him first like put 1 in my hand let him sniff it then put it closer to his mouth and
Puppies under six months of age should be fed three times daily;
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How to Feed a 6 Week Old Lab Puppy
Few things are as cute as a 6-week-old Labrador puppy: curious, playful and learning its environment. To ensure your puppy grows into a healthy dog, you will need to feed it the right amount and kind of food to ensure it gets the proper nutrients needed... More »
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