How to Felt Wool?


There are several ways to felt wool. One is needle felting, but the most used method is hot water felting. Place your item in a pillow case to protect your washer from excess lint and fuzz during the process, and tie closed. Agitate your item in a full cycle using the hottest water setting, as small amount of detergents, and a few towels to 'beat' against your item. Check it at the end of the cycle to see if it is felted to your satisfaction. If not, repeat until it is, then either block to dry, or put it in the dryer, again inside the pillowcase.
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1. Place the wool you wish to felt inside a mesh washing bag. This will prevent the wool fibers from leaving a mess in your sink. 2. Fill the sink with the hottest water possible
1 Gather the materials and supplies. You will need to get wool batting, felting needles (recommended sizes include 40 triangle for all purpose sculpting, 38 star for fine details
Overview Felt is made through matting and compressing wool material. Wool naturally has scales along each of its fiber that are normally smooth. When exposed to heat and water, these
You can try to sew the hole closed or you can needle felt wool roving over and across the hole to repair it like spackle, this is a lot easier than it sounds, you will need roving
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How to Repair Felted Wool
Felted wool occurs when 100 percent wool fabric has been shrunk, causing the fibers to swell and adhere together. The end result is a very strong fabric that will not unravel. Repairing felted wool can be handled in many ways, two of which are repair by... More »
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