How do you fertilize calla lilies?


Calla lilies can be fertilized using an all-purpose fertilizer. A monthly application of fertilizer will suffice.
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1. Plant bulbs approximately 2 inches deep in well-drained soil. While watering is necessary and the soil should never completely dry out, over watering bulbs is a common mistake.
1. Start your calla lilies from tubers or rhizomes. Although they can be started from seed, it takes a long time and calla lily seeds do not have a high germination rate. Ad. 2. Plant
You plant them during spring and early summer. Callas need to be planted deeper than most bulbs their size. Plant the rhizomes 4 inches deep and 12 inches apart. Plant the tubers
C-a-l-l-a L-i-l-y is the correct spelling for the flower. It isn't actually a Calla flower or a lily.
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How to Fertilize Calla Lilies
Calla lilies are a gorgeous and graceful addition to any landscape. Understanding their basic care and fertilizing needs will help ensure that your garden's calla lilies stand out beautifully.... More »
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Calla lilies have dark glossy leaves and catchy blooms. Potted ones can be kept indoors and should be put in a spot that does not expose it to full sunlight. Temperature ...
To plant Calla Lilly bulbs, you can put their bulbs inside containers first. You need to ensure that these containers are capable of draining the soil well. Leave ...
Calla lilies represent marital happiness and commitment, and the white blooms often are used in wedding bouquets. The flowers also are a traditional gift for a ...
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