How to Field Dress a Raccoon?


You can field dress a raccoon by cutting the external veins and hang it upside down. Let it cool under the front legs and fleshy part of the rear legs before dressing.
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Field dressing a deer is not hard. It is however very messy. Roll the deer onto its back. Cut the stomach open from the tail to the sternum. I then like to lift the front of the deer
1. Set out water and paper towels for cleanup after field dressing is done. If you're wearing a long-sleeved jacket or shirt, remove it to avoid making a mess. 2. Make a circular
To field dress a whitetail deer cut it from the sternum to the pelvic area. Be sure that you don't cut the stomach or the intestines because that will taint your meat. Pull the insides
1 Make sure the deer is dead. If it's not dead, shoot it again; pointing in a safe direction. DO NOT try to approach a wounded deer to cut its throat. They can behave erratically
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To skin a raccoon, dress in gloves and tie it up, chop off its head using a knife, stick a knife into the skin and make a cut. From there you can gently cut through ...
1. Install a double wire electric fence around gardens, field crops and ponds to scare away raccoons. Place the bottom wire 6 inches above the ground and the second ...
To buy a pet raccoon, you will first need to find someone that has them. Most people do not have pet raccoons. You can also grab one from a field, or even your ...
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