How do you figure area?


To find the area of a square you would multiply one side by another. For example, a square that is 4 inches long on each side would have an area of 16 square inches. You can find more information here:
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Area is the size of the region enclosed by the object. The area of a square is figured by length times length. The area of a rectangle is figured by length times width.
1. Break the area to the measured into recognizable shapes. Recognizable shapes are squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. For example, an L-shaped lot can be broken into two
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Area is the total amount of space within a two-dimensional surface or shape.
There are different formulas to find the area of a polygon depending on what shape it is. If its a square or rectangle, simply multiply the length by the width. If its a circle, then its pi times radius squared.
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An area model is a model for math problems, where the length and width are configured using either multiplication, percentage or fractions to figure out the size ...
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The area of the square is 49, so to figure out the perimeter you need to know the measurements of the sides. The area of a square is the length of the side squared ...
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