How do you calculate the sales tax on used cars in Arkansas?


Arkansas used car sales tax depends on the trade-in credit of the previous vehicle. The car sales tax is the difference between the new vehicle and the amount received from the old vehicle.
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1. Calculate the total sale price of the used car. For example, a car costs $5,000. 2. Compare the price to $2,500. If the price is above $2,500, there is sales tax. If the price
If the car is $2500 or less there is no sales tax.Actually its 2499, at least in Pope county.
$390 is the state sales tax! The sales tax rate in
in my state (RI) car sales tax is the same as the regular sales tax. and the only way to be tax exempt is if you have a tax credit letter from insurance company which you sometimes
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How to Figure Arkansas Sales Tax on Used Cars
When you buy or sell a car in Arkansas, you need to take into account the state's sales tax. Not all car transactions involve a sales tax; the sales tax will depend on the price of the car. If you pay less than $2,500 for a used car, you will not need... More »
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As of December 19, 2012, if the price of a used vehicle is under $4000.00 a person in Arkansas will not have to pay sales tax. The previous cut off for no sales tax was $2500.00 until January 2012. On all used vehicles over $4000.00 the sales tax is 6% of the total price of the vehicle. 
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