How do you calculate the sales tax on used cars in Arkansas?


Arkansas used car sales tax depends on the trade-in credit of the previous vehicle. The car sales tax is the difference between the new vehicle and the amount received from the old vehicle.
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1. Calculate the total sale price of the used car. For example, a car costs $5,000. 2. Compare the price to $2,500. If the price is above $2,500, there is sales tax. If the price
Answer If the car is $2500 or less there is no sales tax.----------Actually its 2499, at least in Pope county
The sales tax in Arkansas is 6% on all vehicles over $2,500
It's deductible only for Fed tax, not state. Use either Sched A or Sched L.
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How to Figure Arkansas Sales Tax on Used Cars
When you buy or sell a car in Arkansas, you need to take into account the state's sales tax. Not all car transactions involve a sales tax; the sales tax will depend on the price of the car. If you pay less than $2,500 for a used car, you will not need... More »
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As of December 19, 2012, if the price of a used vehicle is under $4000.00 a person in Arkansas will not have to pay sales tax. The previous cut off for no sales tax was $2500.00 until January 2012. On all used vehicles over $4000.00 the sales tax is 6% of the total price of the vehicle. 
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