How to Figure on Base Percentage?


On base percentage or OBP is a statistical formula used in baseball and softball to quantify how many times a batter reaches first base compared to how many opportunities that same batter has been to the plate.

The higher a batter's On Base Percentage, the better he or she is at reaching base. Therefore, the better opportunty that batter gives his or her team to score a run at home plate.

The formual is based on the number of hits (H), plus the number of walks(BB), plus the number of hit by pitches(HBP). That number is then divided by the number of at bats(AB), plus the number of walks(BB), plus the number of hit by pitches(HBP), plus sacrafice fly balls hit(SF).

The exact formula is as follows: OBP = H + BB + HBP / AB + BB + HBP + SF
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To figure out on base percentage, divide the number of times a player has reached base safely by the total number of at bats that players has had. Be sure to subtract out from that
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On Base Percentage (OB% is Walks (BB) plus Hits (H) plus Hit By Pitches (HBP) divided by Plate Appearances (PA) Plate Appearances is defined by At Bats plus Walks plus + Hit By Pitches
Not sure you'll get consensus on this, but, in my opinion, a "good" OBP would be .350 and a "really good" OBP would be .390. For SLG, something like .450/.550.
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