How to File a Complaint with Ford Motor Company?


To file a complaint with the Ford Motor Company, in the first instance you should go directly to the salesperson you normally deal with. If you are unable to get anywhere with him/her, ask to speak to the sales manager. Your next step will be to contact Ford directly if you are still not satisfied. Your last option will be to contact Ford's board of directors if your issue is still not resolved.
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1. Contact the salesperson or service adviser you normally deal with at your Ford dealership and express your concerns. 2. Contact the sales manager or service manager at the dealership
They employ alot of people and make cars for people to drive.
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How to File a Complaint With Ford Motor Company
Today's car manufacturers follow rigid manufacturing guidelines that conform to strict quality control and safety regulations. However, sometimes problems slip through the cracks or you may be the victim of poor customer service. These or other... More »
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