How to File a Lien in Colorado?


In order to file a lien in Colorado you must file a lien statement in the county clerk and county recorders office. Ten days prior to filing you must serve a notice to the property owner. You can find out more information here:
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If you or your business provides construction materials, equipment or labor to the business - for either new construction or improvements - file a mechanic’s lien. This is typically
1. Try to work out a payment plan first. Filing a lien is a very strong legal move to make. It's a public declaration that someone hasn't paid for contract work or property. For this
A judgment lien takes affect the day of the judement, HOWEVER, it must be recorded right away. If a subsequent judgment lien is recorded first then the first judgment lien would lose
1. Purchase the "Dissolution of Marriage" forms from the self-help center at the El Paso county court. You can purchase a "Dissolution of Marriage with Children"
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First file a Notice of Intent to file a lean for $15.00, If you plan to file a Mechanics Lien you will need to complete the form and pay an addition $20.00. You can find more information here:
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