How to File a Lien in Colorado?


In order to file a lien in Colorado you must file a lien statement in the county clerk and county recorders office. Ten days prior to filing you must serve a notice to the property owner. You can find out more information here:
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First file a Notice of Intent to file a lean for $15.00, If you plan to file a Mechanics Lien you will need to complete the form and pay an addition $20.00. You can find more information here:
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If you or your business provides construction materials, equipment or labor to the business - for either new construction or improvements - file a mechanic’s lien. This is typically
To file a lien, you will need to fill out all paperwork or have an attorney do it for you. Forms can be picked up at your local courthouse. Make sure you have everything to file it
1 Try to work out a payment plan first. Filing a lien is a very strong legal move to make. It's a public declaration that someone hasn't paid for contract work or property. For this
A judgment lien takes affect the day of the judement, HOWEVER, it must be recorded right away. If a subsequent judgment lien is recorded first then the first judgment lien would lose
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1. File the construction contract or paperwork describing the job with the county recorder's office prior to starting work. According to, Colorado's ...
You can file a lien if you performed a service which you were not paid for such as a bank claiming a general lien on property that was deposited with it by one ...
Filing a lien can be a very disappointing process that one must go through. Many construction companies will begin the remodeling of a home with only a deposit ...
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