How to File Assault Charges?


If you want to file assault charges, you need to contact your local police to file the report. You can also contact the prosecutor and discuss the assault charges. You can also file a civil suit even if there is no criminal trial.
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1. Hire a lawyer. If you think you have a good case, an attorney can help you file charges and follow up on the suit. 2. Ask your lawyer how strong your case is and what kind of settlement
Call your local police department and tell them your story.
Filing harassment charges can be a process, depending on the situation. The laws can vary from area to area but it's always best to start with the police and then follow the direction
1 Contact the police. You can call the police station or for emergency assistance during, or immediately after, the incident occurs. You can also go to the police station to talk
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Assault charges should be filed immediately following an alleged assault. ypically after 1 year charges cannot be filed ...
The Police can't deny your right to press charges on someone, as long as the charges are true, and there are grounds, or legitimate reasons for you to file charges ...
When a victim files assault charges, the perpetrator will be arrested right on the spot if he or she is readily available at the time. This would take place at ...
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