How to File Nails in Square Shape?


It is quite easy to file nails into square shape. First cut the top of your nail flat to a desired length. Then file the top of your nails with an emery board. Finally, file the sides so as to give the nail a square appearance.
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1. Cut your fingernails straight across with nail clippers at the desired length. 2. Use an emery board style of nail file to create a squared top for your fingernail. Push the file
I would use a glass nail file. Glass nail files are for both natural or acrylic nails and their surface never get dull. These ones are patented. I love their designs as well. http
They're fake.
This is an ideal nail shape, and you can grow it as long as you want.
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Many women like to have their nails in a square shape, rather than rounded. To file nails into a square shape, use a medium grade file and shape the free edge ...
To make the nails square, they can be shaped with a nail file. Oval and square are the two desirable nail shapes. ...
1. First of all, when wearing black nail polish you must maintain shorter and well filed nails. Your nails should also be filed in a square shape. 2. The key to ...
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