How do you filet crochet names?


Filet crochet is a unique and beautiful crochet method for adding decorative borders and other images, like names, to your crochet piece. Most designs call for a size 10 crochet thread. Check out this site for some awesome patterns for filet crochet:
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1. Study the pattern book closely. Note where to make open meshes and closed meshes to create the design in the pattern. The white blocks on the chart are the solid meshes or blocks
Enjoy these detailed instructions for how to increase in filet crochet. The instructions include diagrams so that you can easily see how to work the increases.
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This site has some good input on crocheting from a chart. Scroll down to Filet crochet.….
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To filet crochet a doily and personalize it with names makes a great heirloom that can pass down for many generations, especially if you use a surname to do so. This can be worked into most patterns and you need only a alphabet graph to do so. For more information look here: Alphabet Charts For Names;
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A person can filet crochet edging by first studying the patterns. A starting chain should also be created. The pattern should begin the crochet process starting ...
You can find many free filet crochet patterns at Crochet Pattern Central. To choose a pattern, go through the list and find what you are interested in. Click on ...
Vintage filet crochet patterns are perfect when you want to create family heirlooms, wedding invitations, and even clothing. Many different vintage crochet patterns ...
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