How to Fill in an Appraisal Form?


To fill in an appraisal form, make sure that you have all details regarding an employee in terms of standards, performance and past appraisals. Quantify the ratings based on a scale average that varies from average to excellent. With the information at hand, fill in the form appropriately keeping in mind that you have to be honest and objective.
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1. Review the previous appraisal form for the employee if this is not his first appraisal. Pay special attention to the goals and objectives that were set for the employee. 2. Assess
Not sure what your answer is. You are giving an appraisal for a person that reports to you? You need to stress the positives and negatives of the work performance. You need to outline
I have found that even highly-paid executives do not put their real weaknesses in the appraisal form. You do not want to put ANYTHING negative about yourself in any form. NEVER say
1. Download IRS Form 433-D from the Internal Revenue Service website or call (800) TAX-FORM to receive a copy. 2. Fill in your name, spouse's name (if applicable) address, Social
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How to Fill Out Appraisal Forms
In the workplace, there is typically at least one employee performance review or appraisal each year for each employee. At some companies, the employee appraisal is done at the same time as employee raises. Appraisal forms are used to get an accurate... More »
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Ensure that you have all the details of the performance, the standards, job description and the past appraisals of the employee. Description of the employee performance should be given in terms of average, above average, good and excellent performance. The focus should be on the employees? behaviour throughout the year and not just his recent performance. Quantify the ratings, wherever possible, to ensure easy comparability. Substantiate and support all your rating, and attach all the necessary documents. Apart from the defined performance objectives and results, discuss the related issues as well covering all the aspects of the performance. When filling the appraisal form, be honest and objective.
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