How to Fill Out a Blank Check?


When filling a blank check you open the first blank leaf, write the date, name of the check recipient, numeric amount, the amount in words with a straight line at the end to prevent someone from adding any words. Sign your name at the bottom right hand side of the check in the dotted line .Tear the check out and hand it to the recipient.
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How to Fill Out a Blank Check
When a customer opens a checking account, the bank issues paper checks that include the bank routing number, check number and account number. When issued, the checks are blank with no information filled in, such as the payee's name, payer's signature or... More »
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1. Open your checkbook to the first available blank check and use your ink pen to write the date on the top right line designated for the date. Use any format for the date, such as
Put the date in the right hand corner and then who you are making the check out to and the amount in box on the right side. Fill in the amount underneath in words. Then sign it.
It's easy to fill out a check. All you have to do is put in the date, put the name of the person you are giving it to on the 'Pay To/Payee' line. You should write the amount next
A blank cheque is one in which the issuer has signed but has not mentioned the amount in it. He may or may not have mentioned the payee. Such a cheque is considered blank because
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To fill out a blank check, take a pen and a blank check out. Write the date. There is a line titled, 'Pay to the Order Of', which is where the name of the recipient ...
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