How do I address an envelope?


According to the United States Postal Service, a correctly addressed envelope includes the delivery address, the return address and postage on the same side. It contains the full, correct delivery and return addresses and a stamp or printed postage of the correct amount.

According to the United States Postal Service, the delivery address is placed in the center of the front of the envelope parallel to the longest side. A full delivery address most often includes the recipient's name on the first line, the residence number and street on the second, and the state and ZIP code on the third. Using the complete and correct address helps the envelope reach its destination more quickly. Clearly printing or typing the address with a pen or marker also facilitates the mailing process.

The return address contains the same elements, except the sender's name instead of the recipient's. The return address is placed in the upper-left corner, and the stamp or printed postage is placed in the upper-right corner. An envelope containing only a few papers usually meets the standard weight of 13 ounces or less and only needs one stamp; heavier envelopes need more stamps depending on the weight. The price of postage also depends on the destination of the envelope; farther destinations may require more expensive postage.

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To address an envelope you would put your return address in the upper left hand corner. This includes your name, address, city, state and zip code. In the center of the envelope you
Return Address On the upper left corner belongs the Return Address. The return address is the address of the person sending the letter, or the person to whom the mail should be returned
Your name and address should go on the upper part of the front of the envelope (although some people put it on the flap of the back of the envelope) the name and address to the person
John Doe. 1616 Main St. Anytown, CA 92112.
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