How do you finalize an unfinalized DVD?


If you have an unfinalized DVD that only contains data, simply 'close' the DVD and it would be finalized. However, if the DVD contains video too, a special software is needed to finalize it. This software can be downloaded from various places over the internet.
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1. Insert the DVD to be copied into the computer's optical drive. 2. Navigate to the DVD contents using Windows Explorer. 3. Press the "Control" and "A" keys simultaneously
fortunately, your DVD is not physically damaged. try the free data recovery software minitool power data recovery. it can recover lost data from cd/dvd, but it can only work on Windows
Do you have dvd+rw-tools on your Linux box? If you have, run dvd+rw-mediainfo.
1 Add dvd files to FCE Converter. Get the free download DVD Ripper for Mac, install and run it, then click "load DVD" button to import your dvd movie. Ad 2 Select output
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