How to Find 401k Money from a Previous Employer?


The best way to find 401K money from a previous employer is to contact The National Registry to see if you are listed as a missing participant. Employers are required to file a Form 550 with the federal government that state any monies that they are holding for such things. You may also try contacting your previous employer and asking them to search their records.
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1. Take the amount of money waiting in the old 401k plan into consideration. If it's only a few thousand dollars, the bottom-line cost of cashing it out won't be that bad. If it's
The first place to look is This is for plans that are still active but they've lost track of you. You'll need to enter your Social Security number
Generally the motivation for rolling over a 401K -- as opposed to leaving it with a previous employer -- can stem from a few factors: -Many employers will allow you to keep your money
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You can find money in an old 401k account and any other money you have coming to you that you have forgotten by searching your state's Controller's office. You ...
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