How can you find a deadbeat dad?


If you are trying to locate the father of your child for child support purposes you will need some information about him. If you have his social security number is always a good start. It is also helpful if you have his last known address and place of employment. For more information look here: Locate a deadbeat dad in another state ;
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1. Research the father's work history. You can use this to track him down. Most jobs require references before they hire a new employee, and previous employers are often contacted
Deadbeat dads impact us by not being responsible to take care of their families and leaving it up to the system to provide for their children which should be a priviledge and honor Don't bother with those people finder websites. They will give you old, outdated information. I used this guy and I found my best friend after 11 years.
1 Get him a sports gift. Lots of dads have a favorite sports team whether its baseball, football, basketball, hockey or soccer. To many dads, the devotion to these teams is almost
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Ways to Find a Deadbeat Dad
Few things are more frustrating to a woman than being owed child support from her child's father, and the father refusing to make any of his payments. The legal system has an appropriately blunt name for these men: deadbeat dads. Punishment for a... More »
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