How can you find a lost parent?


Tracing a lost parent, relative or friend has today been made relatively easy. You can use the different search engines available for such purposes, or sign up to such sites as the findParents website. This might be the quickest way to find a lost parent.
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1 Try entering the name into a networking site like Myspace or Facebook. A Certificate of Live Birth ,without an accompanying Death Certificate is often a great sign that you are
1. Talk to your family first about where your lost brother might be and get as much information as you can from them. It seems obvious but many people often overlook this first step
1. Wait about one week longer than the usual time for the letter to get to its intended destination. If your mail had an incorrect address or was undeliverable for any other reason,
1. Search your financial documentation. Your EIN is used to identify your business or estate not just by the government, but by businesses with which your business has financial partnerships
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