How to Find a Wasps Nest?


To locate a wasp nest, find the area where the wasp always fly around. For it is most likely that their nest is close by or a source of food have been found and relayed the location of this food to the nest. Wasps' nest can be found in bushes or underground. Wasps also look for dead wood as their nesting area. If you find numbers of wasps flying in and from a hole, most likely there is a nest inside the hole. Or in the roof, with particular attention to the fascia and soffit area’s.
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1. Look across an open area where wasps have been seen. You can spot them easiest under bright sunlight. They tend to fly in straight lines, so if you see several wasps flying in
they dont find their nests they make them from paper or dead composted leaves.
1 Locate the wasp nest. To do this, watch a wasp to determine where it is coming from or going to. Common hiding spots outside your home are in trees, under the roof eaves, behind
My method is the two-can method. In my right hand, I use a can of wasp spray. This gives a stream that you can control to douse the nest. In my left hand I use a wider spray insecticide
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How to Find a Wasp's Nest
While wasps tend to avoid humans, they can be a nuisance and pose a possible threat to people and pets if they build their nests near homes and in other high traffic locations. It's important to take the proper safety precautions when attempting to find... More »
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