How can you retrieve history that you have erased from your computer?


The easiest way to find the history on your computer if it has been erased is to use a recovery program. Many of these are available for free trial download. You can also locate the index.dat file on your hard drive and install a reader in order to convert the file.
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1. Open your "Internet Explorer" browser. 2. Go to "Tools" on the menu bar. 3. Click "Internet Options" on the menu. 4. Click the "Settings"
Click history and click clear.
In Internet Explorer, follow these steps to erase your
1. Turn on (or restart)computer. Ad. 2. Select SAFE MODE WITH COMMAND PROMPT. 3. Type CD\ (exactly like that: CD\ ) Hit the enter key. 4. Type DEL /S INDEX. DAT (That is, DEL (space
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