How to Find Mac Address of PC?


You can find the MAC address in Windows using various methods. You can either use the command prompt and type 'ipconfig/al'l or you can open 'Network Connections', select your Local Area Connection and right-click. Select 'Status' and click on 'details' in the 'Support' tab. The MAC Address is the 'Physical Address' listed in Network Connection Details.
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Go to the windows desktop and click on the "Start" menu button in the bottom left corner. Here you will see a button labeled "Run.." click on this to issue the
MAC stands for Media Access Control. MAC address is unique address just like an IP address. It can be found from router's settings or by running command ip config/all in DOS.
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A PC/Computer has several addresses. IP address, MAC address and depending on your network the computer name could also be considered an address. To get your PC IP and MAC addresses
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To find the mac access of your pc,select start and then run. Then type cmd and hit enter. When the black screen appears, type, ipconfig and hit enter. After a ...
1. Turn on your PC and wait until Windows is completely loaded. Push the button on the lower left corner of your keyboard, which has the Windows sign on it, and ...
1. Click the Apple menu that is in the upper left portion of the screen. 2. Select the "System Preferences" option from the View menu. 3. Click the option ...
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