How to Find Old Friends?


You can find old friends via the internet by visiting sites such as or there's a service in UK, Simply write the letter to your friend, then send it to DSS, Longbenton, Newcastle, NE98 1YX, include with the letter the full name, date of birth and any other information you know about the person maybe last known address and even things like national insurance number if you know it.
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How to Find Old Friends
Finding old friends is easier online, where pay sites such as and have vast directories of people. Locate old friends online for free on Facebook or Myspace with tips from an Internet business consultant in this free... More »
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Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook are good places to start looking for old friends. You will have to set up profiles for these sites. The benefit to setting up a profile is that old friends can also find you.
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Finding lost friends doesn't have to be extremely hard with the wonderful tools on the internet. If you have used search engines and can't find anything on your friend, try using
1. Search for friends in the UK on Myspace. According to Aber Whitcomb, the Chief Technology Officer of Myspace, Myspace boasts 125 million users (Reference 1) Myspace is available
1. Find your friend code in the "Pal Pad" item on the Nintendo DS Pokémon games (HeartGold, SoulSilver, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum) 2. Access the Pal Pad by tapping
1. A good place to start is by thinking of the channels your child likes to watch on television. They usually have a website that will have games and activities for your child to
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You can find an old friend by search for them on telephone look up sites. Intelius has a site where you can search for people and get their phone number, address ...
With the passing of time the track we keep on our friends go cold. We lose contact. There are a lot of school friends that we’ve lost contact. With the drifting ...
You could start off by asking any common friends you all may have or have had. If that doesn't work you can try Most people today just simply look ...
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