How to Find Out If I Passed My CNA Exam?


One way to find out if you passed your CNA exam is to call the State Board of Nursing. All states are in charge of having exams for CNA's individually. Once you pass the exam, you can transfer it from state to state but you you must follow the correct procedures. Another way to find out if you passed your CNA exam is to call the nursing school that you attended. You must attend the nursing school in order to even take the exam.
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How to Find Out If I Passed My CNA Exam
Getting approval from testing proctors makes the process of becoming a certified nursing aide (CNA) worth the time an effort. This federally regulated field of work has stressful elements, but the rewards of caring for patients will outweigh them.... More »
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1. Take the first written CNA test when instructed to do so by your examination proctor. Wait until the first testing period is over, and then the proctor will tell you if you passed
Nurse aide examination results must be provided to
After you take your skills & written, which ever one was the most recent one, a paper will show in the mail in which you have to bring that paper (if you passed) to the school
They should tell you how and when you learn the results when you take the test. Good luck :D
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To pass the cna exam in Florida or anywhere else you need to know information about basic nursing, medical terminology and patient care. You should study in an ...
1. Understand the format of the CNA exam. To pass the test, you need to understand how it is set up. The written part of the exam consists of multiple-choice questions ...
A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant. To become a CNA one needs to study and pass an exam for the state they wish to practice in. The exam is made up of two ...
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