How to Find Out If Someone Served in the Military?


To find out if someone served in the military you can ask them to show you their DD-214 form. You can also submit a SF-180 to the National Archives in St. Louis, Missouri. You can download the SF-180 from the Archives Gov website.
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1. Call the locator service for each branch of the military to begin your search for military verification: Marines: Defense Manpower Data Center 703-696-6762. Army: Enlisted Records
Answer easiest way is to ask them. If you dont believe them, ask to see a copy of their DD-214(record of US military service). If it's really important, you can go to the website
1. Check the telephone book under the section that lists your business. Write down the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the businesses that the telephone book lists alongside
1. Contact the sheriff's department in your county to find out how it releases warrant information where you are searching. Many counties in Indiana release warrant information as
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How to Find Out If Someone Is Serving in the Military?
There are official personnel offices and service locators for every branch of the U.S. military and civilians are permitted to inquire to these offices for information. These offices are not permitted to provide lists or to release the home address or... More »
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