How can you find out who used to lived in a house?


To learn who the previous residents of a house are, one can search public records, speak to a real estate agent or neighbors or check census records. There are online searches available for people to check the property records for a house. It may also be possible to search census records online.

Every house or property has a deed that records the purchase of the property. The deed has to be filed with the city, county or state government as a part of the sale process. These records are available for search by the general public. To search these records, one must place a request with the governing agency to have the search conducted and may have to pay a fee to obtain a copy of the records. There are online property search sites that may give census information or property sale information that lists the names of the former tenants or owners. Property owners are also encouraged to look around the house for any unique identifying factors that can be traced or used to identify historical status, things that would give information on the history of the property. Owners can also seek out neighbors or real estate agents involved in the sale of the property to learn the names of the people who previously owned the property.

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1. Find the legal description of your property on the property tax statement. This will include not only the address, but a lot number and a property tax account number. Knowing this
You would probably go to. Town Hall. and get a record book of all the people who lived in the house before you did, and probably the book might also show when they died or if they
You can go to the County Clerks office and ask for who lived
In addition to tracing your title with the register of deeds, you can check the census records if the house was built before 1930, old telephone directories at the library, death
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