How to Find Someone in Japan?


To locate someone from another country is not always an easy task. The Internet does offer some websites that can assist. One way is to use Google to search. Using a private detective is another way to find someone.
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The easiest way to find out someone's birthday is to just aske them or a family, or close friend, f that dosnt work look on there facebook or myspace page if they have one.
1. Create an account with a homestay agency. Several homestay agencies cater to English-language visitors to Japan, including HomeStayWeb, JTB Homestay Japan and Homestay in Japan
If you know the state a person is incarcerated in you can go to the state's Department of Corrections website and do an inmate search for free.
To find someone on the internet, start with the social networking sites. The most popular are Myspace and Facebook. People's profiles will have links to their other social sites,
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How to Search for a Person in Japan
The best way to search for a person in Japan is to be in Japan and post ads in newspapers, contact family members or associates of the person you are searching for and work through government agencies. If you are conducting this search from outside... More »
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The best way to find someone in Japan, would be to start your search online. You can start your search using the internet, and there are many sources you can use for free. For more information look here:;
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