How to Find Someone's Birthday on the Internet?


You can find someone's birthday on the internet by conducting a thorough search at Birth database. In the birth database, you need to enter the persons name and it will pop up if it is registered in the database. You can also locate the individual's Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook.
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1. Conduct a search at Birth Database (see Resources) by entering the first name, last name and estimated age of the individual. If the name is in the database, it will pop up in
1 Use Facebook. See if the person has listed their birthday on Facebook . To find a birthday on Facebook, log in to your account. Type in the name of the person you're looking for's-Birthday
To find out if someone is legally married, you need to know the person's legal name and the state in which she was married. You will probably also need another piece of identifying
1. Write down anything you know about the person whose birthplace you are trying to find. If they are no longer around, try to find stories they recalled from their youth to see if
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White Pages Search
First Last Zip or Postal Code
To find someone's birthday on the internet, simply log onto a government public records website and use the information you have as the search parameters. In the UK, there is the official birth record website which one may use in his or her search endeavours.
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