How to Find Someone's SSN Free?


It is unlawful to search for someone's social security number. If it is your own you are looking for, you can head to your local county office and they should be able to provide more infomation on how to obtain a new card, or even a new social security number.
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1. Find out as much information about the person you're looking for as you can. The social security number is unique, but other information such as a name or a birth date will help
You can look up and find people on the popular networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, but the sites like Reunion - which is now called MyLife, cost money.
Run a credit check with the three national credit bureaus. You'll find most of the information you need to find who you're looking for.
A great avenue to find someone is on Facebook. Facebook helps to reconnect millions of people. If the person you are looking for is connected to facebook all you have to do is become
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One can find someones SSN for free and legally if you are a qualified employer. A person's social security number can be obtained by using E-verify. If one were to obtain a deceased person's SSN, this can be obtain by doing a search on the Social Security Death Index (SSDI).
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