How can you look up someone's cell phone number?


The National Cellular Phone Directory lets you lookup someone's cell phone number in both U.S. and Canada.
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Summary: There is no real way to find someone's cell phone number unless the police get involved with a harassment case. Find out why cell phones are more private than land lines
You may ask the person what's his/her number or ask others related to him/her. But few sites has this kind of service. You'll just have to type some of the person's information and's...
1. Access a Cell Phone Directory that allows you to do a "Reverse Number Lookup. An example of directories you can use are Intelius, White Pages, Phone Detective and People Smart
1. Contact the telemarketing company that is calling you, if that's the source of the unwanted calls, and ask to remove have your phone number removed you from its list. The company
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How to Find Someone's Cell Phone Number
Finding someone's cell phone number that you do not have can been quite difficult due to customer anonymity protection by their carrier. Discover how you might be able to find someone's cell phone number with tips from a cell phone customer service... More »
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