How can you look up someone's cell phone number?


The National Cellular Phone Directory lets you lookup someone's cell phone number in both U.S. and Canada.
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Summary: There is no real way to find someone's cell phone number unless the police get involved with a harassment case. Find out why cell phones are more private than land lines
There has been no standardization of cell phone records like what the White Pages offer. They change so often it is difficult to keep a record up to date. But you could use a background
You may ask the person what's his/her number or ask others related to him/her. But few sites has this kind of service. You'll just have to type some of the person's information and's...
1. Search through the cell phone's address book and look for a number that says "Home, "Mom, "Dad, or something similar. Look for the last number dialed, as this may
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How to Find Someone's Cell Phone Number
Finding someone's cell phone number that you do not have can been quite difficult due to customer anonymity protection by their carrier. Discover how you might be able to find someone's cell phone number with tips from a cell phone customer service... More »
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It is sometimes possible to find someone's cell phone number in Canada. You will at least need their name and what area they live in. If their number is listed ...
In my personal experience, it is not possible to call someone using someone else number, from your own cell phone. It is possible to block your number, by connecting ...
You can locate someone by phone number. One must have a GPS enabled cell phone and should subscribe to the GPS data plan. The Global Positioning System is a radio ...
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