How to Find the Shaded Area of a Circle?


It is very easy to find the shaded area of the circle. First you have to find the darker area of the circle. You can then label this as the shaded area of the circle.
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1. Square the side of the square to find its area. If its side measures, for instance, 4 inches, 4^2 = 16 square inches. 2. Subtract a quarter of pi from 1 - 1 - (3.142 / 4) = 0.2146
It is very easy to find the area of a circle with the given radius or diameter. The formula to calculate the area is pi X radius^2, where pi value is 3.14. For example: find the area
The answer will depend on what part of the circle is shaded.
If the area that is shaded is the area within the circle, not covered by the square, then yes this will work. Area of a square is s^2, where s is the length of the sides. Area of
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The area of a shaded circle inside the square can be found by knowing the properties of both circles and polygons. You can study Euclidean geometry in order to ...
In order to find the area of a shaded region you must first determine the area of the the whole shape. Then find the area of the non-shaded part using the formula ...
1. Learn the formula for the area of a circle: A = (pi)r)2. Here the radius, r, is defined as the distance from the circle's center to any point on the circle's ...
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