How to Find Used Car Values?


In order to find used car values, one can visit websites such as whatcar and parkers where one chooses from a list of available used cars per make, model, version, mileage and year. On these sites, it is also possible to adjust the estimation through specifying mileage and valuable additions such as sat nav and leather upholstery.
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About Used Car Values
The value of a used car can vary considerably, depending on the market and geographical location of the car in question. Many resources exist to help the consumer determine a fair price for a used car when buying or selling, but unfortunately even these... More »
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The best way to find the value of used cars is to use the N.A.D.A. books or website. There are other websites and books available, but the N.A.D.A. seems to be the standard. Remember
1. First, to research used car values, you will need to go to the NADA consumer website. For your convenience, a direct link has been provided in the resources section near the bottom
The Official Kelley Blue Book is an excellent resource for individuals looking for the value of their new or used vehicle. It is available online or in a printed version.
1. Determine what kind of car you want a good price on. Use Craigslist to search local listings online. Browse both small and large car dealerships. If any cars catch your eye, research
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While there are many places you can get used car values, the most recognized and used resource is Kelly Blue Book. It provides trade in value, third party value, ...
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