How to Find Value of Emmett Kelly Collectibles?


Emmett Kelly is a brand of collectible most know for their clown assortment. Many of these clowns are worth several hundred dollars. To find the value of the collectibles it is necessary to have the original certificate to know the date of production and the exact name of the item. Auction sites, houses and special edition collector books will offer an estimated value, but each is determined by the exact condition of the item.
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1. Examine your clown figurine. Gather the original paperwork, including the certificate of authenticity. Check the porcelain for cracks, chips or discoloration. Make note of any
About $30.
Accurately and unsentimentally assess your item for manufacturer marks, condition and size. Take a picture to post on forums and/or take to a bookstore. Visit local bookstores to
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How to Find the Value of Emmett Kelly Collectibles
Emmett Kelly Jr., one of the 20th century's most famous clowns, continued to portray the famous hobo character "Weary Willie," which was invented by his father, Emmett Kelly Sr. Kelly Jr. became somewhat of a mainstream celebrity, made appearances at the... More »
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