How to Find Wild Ginseng?


To find wild ginseng will take some traveling if you do not stay east of the Mississippi River. It is found in mountainous areas in the south. It usually grows around Maple, Hickory, Oak, and Walnut trees.
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1. Check to be sure it's legal for you to harvest wild ginseng in your area. Some areas may require permits so be sure to obtain them before hunting. 2. Familiarize yourself with
1. Learn the laws regulating ginseng production and harvesting in your country. Obtain any necessary permits or licenses. Ginseng has declined considerably since European settlement
One can get images of wild ginseng online at various websites. One can find images of wild ginseng at websites such as RushStar and Heavenly Products.
Find wild ginseng in states east of the
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The ginseng herb comes from wooded areas, primarily in Asia and North America, where it grows wild. The majority of commercially grown ginseng comes from Wisconsin ...
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