What is the best way to find birth parents?


To find your birth parents, you will have to get in touch with the General registrar office. Here, you can get details of your adoption agency, original adoption certificate and birth certificate. You can also get information about your parents from relatives and neighbours.
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1. Visit the Texas Department of State Health Services site to download an application. Under the heading "Adoption, click on Central Adoption Registry. The application link
1. Gather all pertinent information. Determine where your adoption took place and which agency, if any, was involved in the adoption. If possible, talk to your adoptive parents to
1. List the child's birth date, birthplace and other details you remember. Spend time jotting down any information you recall about the circumstances surrounding her birth; you'll
1. Attend a meeting with your local branch of the Civil Registration Service and apply for a birth certificate for your child. These applications are available in both English and
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The best way to find your birth parents is to try and get a copy of your birth certificate, as this always has the details of one's birth parents. If you are adopted, you can contact your foster parents, or the original adoption agency if you have that information. You can get a copy of your birth certificate from your local General Registry Office.
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