What is the best way to find birth parents?


To find your birth parents, you will have to get in touch with the General registrar office. Here, you can get details of your adoption agency, original adoption certificate and birth certificate. You can also get information about your parents from relatives and neighbours.
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1. Prepare emotionally as trying to find and then actually meeting your birth parents may be very overwhelming. Take time to cope with and understand the reality of searching for
Try calling the hospital to find your birth records and they should be right on the slip.
1 Talk to someone how you feel about not being able to be with your real family and maybe ask questions on why you can't be with them . 2 Look into the case . Maybe there is a way
To find your birth parents you must first write down everything you know about
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The best way to find your birth parents is to try and get a copy of your birth certificate, as this always has the details of one's birth parents. If you are adopted, you can contact your foster parents, or the original adoption agency if you have that information. You can get a copy of your birth certificate from your local General Registry Office.
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