How to Finger Crochet?


Tie a loop around a finger, pull up the next loop and pull it through the first loop. Continue until the chain is as long as desired and use your fingers as you pull yarn through like you would a crochet hook.
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1. Make a slip knot with the yarn. Make the loop big enough to fit over the end of your index finger. 2. Make two chain stitches and then work seven single crochet in the first chain
To crochet using your fingers only, use the same procedure as when using a hook, but just use your fingers instead. You will end up using your forefinger as a "hook" holding
You can learn to crochet granny squares pretty easily. The granny square begins with a slip knot and advances a number of chains to form a circle. The circles are then connected with
With today's new fashion yarns in a host of fibers and a little guidance on how to crochet granny squares, it can still be part of a fashionable garment or an afghan or throw. There
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