How to Finish the Potholder Loom?


To finish the potholder loom, choose a corner and take the first loop from its peg. Insert that loop onto the next loop, and then the next, until you go around the potholder. Knot the last loop that you have.
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1. Insert a crochet hook into the second edge loop from the top of the loom's left side. Once you insert your hook, allow the loop to drop from the potholder loom's peg. 2. Slide….….….
With your pattern complete, you'll be ready to remove the beadwork from the loom. To do that, simply pull each knitting needle out of its eye pins and allow the beadwork to slide
To finish the scarf, remove the loops from the Knifty Knitter loom and sew through the loops using a yarn needle to prevent the scarf from unraveling.More? report this answer. Updated
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