How to Fit a Gas Fire Surround?


A gas fire surround is fitted by laying hearth on a concrete sub-base in front of the fire opening .A back panel is then placed at the centre of the hearth and is screwed to the wall. The mantel is then fixed by putting it in the appropriate screw positions if it had already been assembled. It is then cleaned according to the material used for the fireplace.
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Attach the ventilation pipes. Using sheet metal screws, secure the vent pipes that came with your unit to the fireplace's mounting plate. Prepare the outlet for the fireplace. Fit
One can purchase gas fires and surrounds at a number of retailers. Some of these include Wholesale Furniture Brokers, Wickes, Fireplace World and Real Flame.
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To fit a limestone fire surround, first prepare the fire surround and then remove the old one. Remove the fireback and tidy up the place. After this, remove the ...
To fit a wooden fire surround, first cut the required pieces of lumber into ¾ inch thickness and use jointer edges for all the pieces. Sand the lumber to ...
To fit a fire surrounds, remove the skirting board, mark on the heart central position and lay the hearth. Next, work out how your back panel needs to be installed ...
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